Questions & Answers

1Where can I get A Safer Walk?
A Safer Walk is available for free download on iPhone (link) and Android (link).
3How does A Safer Walk ensure that you are a woman?
When creating A Safer Walk accounts users must submit personal contact details, the front image of their government ID, as well as two additional selfie pictures. These images and data are either manually or AI machine verified. In cases where women do not have the supporting documentation they can apply for an account with a Personal Application Review. This is a manual review of the applicant's documentation for approval. Click here to learn more.
4How in-app chat verification makes safer walks?
Verifying walks with real-time image verification. When you connect a Walk Chat with other women within A Safer Walk you will be prompted to "Verify" before meeting up. This step requires that both women in a Walk Chat submit randomly requested action photos using the app's camera. A Safer Walk will randomly request that you might: hold up a "peace sign" in your right hand and blink with your left eye within a 60 sec countdown, snap, and send. This image ensures your real-time identity to the other walker you are soon to meet, and vice versa. We strongly recommend that you always use the in-app chat verification to confirm the identity of the person you are meeting.
5How long does it take to create an account?
Users that are able to complete A Safer Walk's in-app account application process can see their accounts activated within minutes. For those applying for an account with the Personal Application Review these account verifications can take 1-2 weeks, as they are manually reviewed.
6What are Safe Spots and how do they work?
Safe Spots are businesses and organizations that have partnered with A Safer Walk. Safer Spot Partners agree to provide safe spaces at their public places of business. Civic public buildings and locations, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, and retailers can all play a vital role in awareness and support for the safety of the women in our communities. Safe Spots can be sheltered spaces, lounges, or casual entry spaces where women can meet up with other female walkers, as well as providing ample outdoor lighting. Safer Spots are marked on the app's Walk Map, as well as being identified by a visible sticker placed on the front door of a partner's respective business.
7Why do we need your ID?
A Safer Walk's in-app account creation depends on scanning your government ID for your Sex Status as well as name and DOB. We also use the image from your license to compare with your real-time selfie to ensure you are who you present as.
8What happens to my ID picture?
After your account has been verified and created your ID image is destroyed as a file and removed from our server.
9Why can't I change my name?
We prefer our users to use their IRL names as opposed to online handles. This information is pulled from your card and we do our best to present your name correctly. Forgive us if we are off a bit.
10What's with the Gesture Pics?
We use gesture pics like, "pose with your right eye closed, left arm up" as a means for walkers to verify to one another that they are the people they present as in their profile, in real-time while chatting, before you meet up. It's built in for your safety and verification.
11Is A Safer Walk free?
Yes, A Safer Walk is free for women to download and use with other women in their community.
12How do I find more walkers?
Within your Settings you can change your network range (KMs) from 0-40KMs. Opening your range will connect you with more walkers in your community.
13What are Groups?
A Safer Walk can provide users with organized Groups that are password protected pods of users connected by an organization, employer, or institution that is hosting the Walk Group.
14Can I use A Safer Walk to find female running partners?
We certainly hope you do! You can post for walks, jogs, outdoor exercise sessions (stairs), or even indoor gym meetups with other women in your local area. Everyone can always use another person to push them on. Get out there!
15Can Groups be used for events?
Yes, they can. If you are running an event and want to provide A Safer Walk as a tool for your attendees, a Group can be set up accepting your ticket number as the passcode. It's that simple.
16How can I get a Group set up?
Just reach out to us via our Contact Page and request a call back. We would be happy to set up a walk group for you.
17Who needs a Walk Group?
At A Safer Walk we see the demand to provide walk groups in the hospitality space, educational institutions, professional towers, malls, and business plazas that serve women, staff and students, who could all use A Safer Walk to provide better mobility.
18Are more features coming to the app?
Yes, we are constantly working on additional safety features while improving the service we provide to those using A Safer Walk.