Safer Groups for students, staff, and members

Keep students and staff more connected

Using A Safer Walk as a Group user allows you to filter out all other posted walks and walkers that are not in your Group. Groups are intended for use by private and post-secondary school groups, staff groups, and special memberships or associations.

See who you know, instantly

Are you leaving a downtown and heading back to campus? Maybe trying to leave campus?

Maybe you're leaving work for the day and want to walk out with other women you work with...

Getting to-and-from school or work can be a stressful experience for students and staff. Group members can be pre-onboarded for the year, can connect instantly with a predetermined passcode or member ID number (student ID), and instantly unlock Group features only available through licensing.

License Benefits

Group Filtering

Instant Group Filtering - Toggle-off all other public walkers and connect only school Grouped women who are also students or staff. Groups facilitate greater social engagement through A Safer Walk while helping women create safer commutes and trips from work and campus.   For Private School Groups, minors can be kept completely blocked from adult public users, keeping young women exclusively connected with other young women who are also students in range. 

Direct Messaging

With A Safer Walk school administrators can rapidly mass-message student Group Members with in-app chat. Send custom no-reply chat messages for: • transit changes; • weather alerts; • school announcements; • last minute changes for school events.

Data Stays Private

As policy, A Safer Walk does not track, trace, or log user profile data for purposes of sale to third party interests. A Safer Walk works with industry leaders in cloud hosting, data management, and processing to ensure our network remains safe and exclusive to women while handling data with current privacy regulations and standard of care.

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