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On this page you will find a repository of graphics, videos, and press releases relating to the promotion of A Safer Walk, free for download to women everywhere. We hope that you can use these graphics to extend our brand to your own in-house promotions and messages. Whether you are a blog doing a piece on women’s safety, a social influencer making an awareness post, or a local business that wants to place our logo and graphics in a promotional poster or flyer, the media resources are here for your use. We just ask that you use our branding with respect, class, and under the best intentions for women.

We want to make it easy and accessible for any person, publication, or business to use our media assets to spread awareness around our free walk service for women. The more women that know, the more safer walks that happen in your community.

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    Our mission at A Safer Walk is to empower women with tools that help them connect with other safe women in their community as a means to help reduce the risk of violence against women. Download and share A Safer Walk with the women, friends, family, and co-workers in your life to help us make 1,000,000 walks safer for women.

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    If you are in danger or need immediate help, call 911.
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