Friends of A Safer Walk

We are very appreciative of the partners that have joined our efforts with their amazing contributions in helping A Safer Walk become a reality. We would like to simply take a moment to acknowledge these organizations and individuals who have made a huge difference in bringing safer walks to women in our communities.

ZAG Marketing

Edmonton, AB

Founded by Alyson Hodson, zag is a full-service marketing agency based in Edmonton. When Alyson heard about A Safer Walk she and her team immediately jumped at the opportunity to help. They carefully listened to us and understood exactly where we were going, and what we were trying to create for women. Working directly with Kara Paul, zag's Director of Stakeholder Engagement, our team was able to share all of the subtleties and the little things that we felt made our brand and walking service special for women.

zag's reputation and broad portfolio of clients left us at ease to simply take our hands off the wheel for a little bit and let the team at zag do what they do best - listen, create, and execute. We can't tell people enough, just how happy we are with the work zag put into our brand by producing a concept and message that we feel best suits our walk service for women.

We are forever thankful for the work, the people, and friends we've made at zag in our collected efforts to stop violence against women.