The need to grow inclusivity with safety for women

As an app service for women we certainly recognize that women of visible minority and / or have alternative sexual preferences face risk levels that can be multiples higher for threats of violence in our communities at all times of day.

We also recognize that many of these individuals may not have provincial or state government identification that A Safer Walk requires to verify account requests. This can be the situation for newly immigrated women, foreign students, as well as instances where individuals may not have government identification that presents them with a Sex Status of Female (F).

How do I become a verified user of A Safer Walk

A Safer Walk offers an Personal Verification Process for individuals who do not have a government ID recognized by A Safer Walk's account verification system, or do not have ID that presents a Sex Status of F, and want to be included in A Safer Walk's verified walk network.

The online application requests the following documentation for admission:

  • Front / Back image of current government identification;
  • Completed criminal background check within 6 last months (PDF upload);
  • Letter confirming sex status from a North American registered doctor (PDF upload);

Documents submitted for applications are held on a secured server (not emailed) for review by an independent panel of women who verify the documents and the applicant for network access.

We always welcome dialogue with communities and local organizations to improve access while maintaining safe-guards that ensure women do not encounter imposters.

Request a Personal Application Review

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